The Real UVC Corn Light

The Portable Easy To Use UVC Corn Light

Introducing the UVC Corn Light with Tripod, a lamp that allows you to sanitize and disinfect your room conveniently. Designed to be effective against viruses, bacteria, mold, spores, mites, and most parasites, this corn-style lamp uses low-pressure mercury quartz technology to produce ozone-free, omnidirectional 254 nm wavelength UVC light. Also, it is equipped with a microwave sensor intelligent control that helps conserve energy by reducing electricity consumption. Connect to a tripod for a more portable and flexible option.

The Real UVC Corn Light

Germicidal UV-C 254nm Corn Light Bulb – 120 V U10 UVC corn lamps:



Our U10 real UVC corn lamps offer powerful UVC disinfection capabilities to suit a wide range of uses. Built-in safety systems, high production quality and a 1-year warranty make these products the ideal solution for your workplace.

The Real UVC Corn Light

This top-selling fixture is designed with safety and security first. Ideal for usage around children and curious adults.  The device includes auto-sensing technologies to automatically shut-off if a person or pet enters the area.

Easy To Use UVC Corn Light

This device is ideal for rooms and spaces that benefit from sanitizing areas before or after usage.  From offices and studios to school nurses’ offices and locker rooms, to spaces in the home before or after guests visit.

Remote Control UVC Corn Light

Configurable to network multiple lights to a single remote control affords easy management of large spaces or an entire facility.


Our UVC lights are supplied with infrared remotes, allowing users to manually activate or deactivate the lights from a safe distance.

Portable UVC Corn Light

This is our bundle solution which includes the UVC Corn Light UV-C 60/80 Watt Smart Fixture and custom-designed tripod for sanitizing up to 600 square feet.


All our UVC disinfection lamps are built to a high standard and come with 1-year warranties. The service life of each lamp is estimated at 9000 hours.

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Beware of low cost LED Corn Bulbs – Our products utilize commercially produced low-pressure mercury quartz bulbs. The device has been independently tested with documented results for viral and bacterial sterilization effectiveness.

The Real UVC Corn Light!

Bring UVC Light To The Fight

Low-pressure mercury quartz technology & 254 nm wavelength UVC light produce an ozone-free environment

Effective against, viruses, bacteria, mold, spores mites & most parasites

Omni-directional UV light is emitted through the quartz tube

Microwave sensor intelligent control reduce electricity consumption to conserve energy

Remote control for turning on & off the light

Tripod for added flexibility & portability

Sanitize & disinfect your room conveniently

The Smart UVC Corn Light

3D sensors detect motion nearby, and the lamp deactivates before users are exposed to UVC harmful radiation levels. Variable hold times allow control over when the light reactivates, and a 20-second warning ensures users are not accidentally exposed to UVC radiation. U10 UVC Corn Lights are fully certified for use in the EU and USA. In addition, the U10 lamps can be supplied for either 85-135V or 200-305V.

Corn Light Specs

Add portability to your Corn-Bulb UVC sterilizing solution with this industrial-grade tripod and eyebolt cap to safely mount the bulb. Designed for mobility and easy storage the tripod systems affords the owner the ability to sterilize different spaces with ease.

  • Color: blue/white
  • Materials: hospital-grade UVC light, plastic, steel
  • Dimensions: 3.7″ x 16.6″
  • Average lamp life: 9,000 hours
  • Power: 80W or 60W
  • Input voltage: 120V (100~120V) / 230V(220~240V)
  • Wavelength: 254 nm
  • Temperature Rating: -4°F to 104°F
  • Low-pressure mercury quartz technology
  • UVC light
  • Quartz tube
  • Omni-directional
  • Microwave sensor intelligent control
  • Remote control

Manufacturer’s 1-year warranty

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UVC Corn Light Combo

The Real UVC Corn Light

Built-in Microwave + PIR Sensor:

The built-in sensors will shut down the device when it senses human activity for added safety support, resuming operation when the space is clear.

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The Real UVC Corn Light

UVC Corn Light With Wireless Remote:

Wireless remote helps to operate at a safe distance, ensuring that you can properly follow all UVC usage safety precautions.

Remote Control

U10 60w UVC Corn Light

UVC Corn Light


Eye-hole Light Socket


Real UVC Corn Light

U10 60w UVC Corn Light


The built in sensors will shut down the device when it senses human activity for added safety support, resuming operation when the space is clear.

These disinfection lamps are ideal for a wide range of purposes, from treatment rooms and medical usage to retail, office and industrial applications.

UVC disinfection lamps are available in a variety of power levels, providing effective coverage for different surface areas.

We combine excellent quality with competitive pricing. The U10 UVC Corn Light is available at very affordable rates providing excellent value.

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Wireless Remote

Microwave and PIR Sensor Built-in

UVC Irradiation


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Accessories for your UVC Light

All-Purpose UVC sterilizing lamp: can use for bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, garage, factory, office, school, workshop, etc.

UVC 80 Watt


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UVC 60 Watt


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UVC QuantaStand


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UVC Corn Light

Germicidal UV-C Corn Light Bulb

UVC radiation quickly damages skin when it’s exposed. In addition, UVC radiation is significantly more damaging if it reaches an area of the body that isn’t protected by skin. Eyes, mouths, and open wounds are particularly vulnerable, and can quickly suffer more serious harm from UVC radiation. Because of this, whenever UVC disinfection lamps are installed, care must be taken to avoid exposing personnel to them.

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UVC Corn Light

Germicidal UV-C 254nm Corn Light Bulb


UVC radiation is a very controllable disinfection technique, which means it’s safe to use in almost any workplace. We combine passive infrared and microwave sensors to identify movement anywhere near the lamp’s illumination area. If personnel move too close to the UVC lamp, it will automatically shut down.

Our UVC disinfection lamps are also fully remote-controlled. This allows workers to activate or deactivate the disinfection lamps from a safe distance. That makes installing UVC disinfection in your workplace easy and safe.


UVC Corn Light

Germicidal UV-C Corn Light Bulb


Ultraviolet radiation occurs naturally in sunlight. The Earth’s atmosphere filters out the shortest wavelengths, so only less harmful medium and long-wave UV radiation to reach us. In high doses this can still be damaging, but this is what causes us to tan (and burn) in the sun. Shortwave radiation, which doesn’t reach us, is known as UVC. It breaks down the DNA of cells and stops them from reproducing, so it’s good for us that the atmosphere filters it out

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UVC Corn Light.

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